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I am so pleased to have found this site. This is my first introduction to the art of Polly Thayer, and find her work to be truly inspirational.

  Iris Pimentel, June 14, 2013

Dorothy Koval:  Thank you for your appreciation!  

 I feel these Mysteries are the most beautiful reason for life. I found this name in a dedication for a children's prayer book in our collection of children's work at the University of Oklahoma Bizzell Library.

the book is titled "First Graces" illustrated by Tasha Tudor 1955

the dedication reads "To Polly Thayer Starr with Love and gratitude."

I wanted to know why such a simple little book was dedicated to this woman so I Googled her. Now I see why. thank you, Barbara

Barbara Byrd Kowaleski, January 23, 2014

Dorothy Koval: Polly would be so pleased by the way in which you came to her work!  Thank you for telling us.