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Polly and I were friends with Dorothy Abbe at different times in our lives. When I was writing a short biography of Dorothy, who lived her life in Hingham, Polly spoke with me about their friendship. Later, I found key correspondence to Polly from Dorothy in the archives of the Boston Public Library. Their friendship was deep and enduring and provided important source material for the book. Polly was always gracious in answering my queries. After the book was published, I asked about purchasing a painting of hers of her daughter Dinah in the Tall Grass, Weir River Farm, Hingham. It is one of my prized possessions.

  Anne Bromer, October 12, 2012

Dorothy Koval:   It is good to hear from you, Anne.  I well remember your researches in the correspondence between Polly and Dorothy Abbe, and the beautiful portrait Polly did of her friend.

I am so happy to have stumbled upon this website. After I graduated from college I lived at the Starr's Back Bay brownstone for about a year. They were generous and kind people. I have often wondered about Mr. and Mrs. Starr. I still have a sketch in charcoal that Polly made of me. I was so young back then I did not understand the magnitude of her talent. This is a beautifully done website. Thank you!

  Margaret Roberts, February 16, 2013

Dorothy Koval:   Thank you for getting in touch with us, and for your kind words about the site.  You were fortunate to have that opportunity to know the Starrs!  We would love to have a photograph of the charcoal sketch of you to add to our archives if you are willing. Will get in touch with you by email.

  Rosalie Rogers, August 4, 2012

Lessons drawn from PTS words and work:

- learn to see and seeing, love

- concentrate and work away until the essence shows itself

- loving the essence of beauty in form

Dorothy Koval:  Rosalie, how beautifully put that is!  Polly would be deeply touched by your perception.