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  Carolyn Mrazek, April 26, 2012

Cannot take my eyes off the portrait of May Sarton that appears in the May edition of Down East. What an amazing talent Polly Thayer was. I'm enjoying the website which is beautifully presented.

Dorothy Koval: Thanks so much for your comment about pollythayerstarr.org.  We appreciate your taking the time to tell us of your enjoyment.

  Kathleen Parrish, Byron Parrish, Lorna Forbes, August 3, 2012

We are grateful to see this website.

 Dorothy Koval:  Thank you all!  We’re very glad to hear from you.

Dorothy Koval: Thank you.  One of our early discoverers, whose kind message got temporarily lost track of!

  Norvell L. Bullock, April 22, 2012

 thank You!

  Kate Ransohoff, April 21, 2012

I just found a portrait of my father, Dr. Bernard Bandler, on this website, charcoals and graphics. Could you please tell me when this was made? Or, any other information about how she would have found to draw him.

Do you know where the work is?

Dorothy Koval:   The oil portrait of Dr. Bernard Bandler is owned by The Boston Athenaeum. It was probably painted in 1930, when Bandler was one of the editors of the Hound and Horn and a member of Thayer’s circle of close friends.  Glad you found it!