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Drawing is the backbone of [Thayer’s] work; she revels in the intensity of seeing.  In a sense she loses herself in the looking and finds herself in the form underneath ... She returns again and again, now drawing very precisely, now blocking out abstract forms, until the essence of what she sees is laid open.  Her art, then, throughout her extraordinary career, is traditional, modern and postmodern; it is ever relevant. It is about process, the process of seeing, the process of recording, and the process of expression.”                                                                        

                                  - Nancy Jarzombek, Vose Galleries, 22004

Polly Thayer Starr is an artist who is willing to lose herself  completely in her work in order to get to the essence of the subject itself, and in so doing to discover the common essence that connects us all.

                                                   - Lise Beane,The Cambridge Current, April 21, 1995

If such a thing can be imagined, this picture strikes me as the work of a folk artist with technical training.  By this I mean, it has the freshness of the conception of a primitive, but is never out of drawing....                     - D. Rhodes Johnson, c. 1944