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The bored, dispirited face of Thayer’s anonymous sitter is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in art: self-possession, deep exhaustion, and a longing for release all rolled into one.... The jaunty hat and dangling left hand, meanwhile, communicate splendid insouciance.... What a surprising painting. It could be depressing, but in fact it’s full of joy and twinkling wit.”

                       - Sebastion Smee on “Shopping for Furs,” The Boston Globe, June, 2010

Never have wilted vegetables shown so alluringly as in Cabbages, by Polly Thayer. Shiny wet, purple-veined leaves twist away from the center, and a demure little blue cabbage, under its dead outer leaf, almost hides a red magma center...A powerful life force bursts from Polly Thayer’s plant paintings, from her trees imploring the sky to her sensual gardenias, cyclamen and gladioli.   

                                                         - Carol L. Chapuis, Best of Vose ArtNotes,2006