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“ For over six decades the Boston Public Gardens were an important part of my life.  I passed through them every day, my children played in them, and in them I intimately experienced the changing seasons ... But they were also my private gardens, a place where I could go to be quiet, to experience the presence of my own being and the ecstasy of work which made it real.”    

Polly Thayer (Starr), “Spring in the Public Gardens,” 2006

Whether drawing her children as they fed squirrels in the Public Gardens or sketching the squirrels who dashed down the trees in the back yard of her Beacon Street home to collect the mixed nuts she put out for them, Thayer was enchanted by the alertness and business of her squirrel friends, and worried about those whose fur seemed scant.  She filled many sketchbook pages with drawings of them in the 9080s.